The following are the first four chapters of my new short novel, available now on Amazon.


In the town of Blockerville, the local police force is often busy dealing with ‘important police business’, and some issues are deemed ‘not important enough’, or go under the radar completely.

Unfortunately crime rarely…

Many people seem to agree that social media has become incredibly toxic, but it didn’t have to be.

Outlining The Situation

Lately and for a little while now I have been hearing a common refrain. It comes from people of different ages, but perhaps skews more 30s and up. What is the refrain?

There is a saying — ‘damaged people damage other people’, but the inverse is also true — People who have healed or are healing can heal other people as well.

I am a ‘damaged’ person. I have deep seeded traumas that haunt me to this day (on the wrong side…

Hat Collecting is a weekly video talk show and podcast about the many different metaphorical hats we wear in life. Because no one does just one thing and everyone has a story!

Each episode, host Lacey Artemis interviews a different person to learn about what they do, how they go…

Heya folks, just to put it up front none of these albums or bands are actually real. They’re all designs I made for fun, and decided to take it a step further and write fake album reviews too. Because fiction writing is fun!

With that said, I hope you enjoy…

Ice Hockey and Heavy Metal are special interests of mine. Wrestling isn’t necessarily, but it is

This was the first design idea that I had. I challenged myself to try to match specific subgenres of heavy metal to specific wrestlers, based on various factors. …

“Those who don’t learn from history are somehow in charge of the curriculum”

We spend more than a decade in school but there are so many critical things we don’t learn. It’s time to change that, and bring in the voices that our predecessors ignored.

During the COVID-19 pandemic many of us are relying on social and digital platforms more than ever. Here are some of those iconic brands re-imagined for the apocalypse.

The idea started by accident but turned into a fun (and gruesome) design set. It became a way to break some of…

Driven from the internet’s main social watering hole in frustration, this article chronicles alternatives, screen time management apps, and other reflections of post-Facebook life.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes — including you”
-Anne Lamott

The Situation

Stop me if this sounds familiar — Log…

Designs and merch now available on the Artemis Merch Store!

Back on January 1st, 2020, I launched an online merch store. I’d been posting original new designs on instagram in 2019, and a couple of people expressed interest in having shirts or mugs with some of the designs.


Lacey Artemis

perpetually curious, creatively inclined social introvert. ponder, write, repeat. she/her.

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