Hat Collecting Talk Show and Podcast

Hat Collecting is a weekly video talk show and podcast about the many different metaphorical hats we wear in life. Because no one does just one thing and everyone has a story!

Each episode, host Lacey Artemis interviews a different person to learn about what they do, how they go into it, what they’ve learned and what advice they have. Lacey asks each guest the same basic set of questions each time so we get unique takes on the same ideas from each guest.

We all collect hats as we go through life. What hats have you collected?

The purpose of the show is to highlight the guest and learn from their experiences. We ask them about the projects they’re currently working on, what they wanted to be when they grew up, figuring things out, mental health struggles, schedules, oddities, and more.

Latest Episode:

Episodes as of Nov 6, 2020:

Episode #012 with Cheri DiNovo (Reverend, Radio Show Host, former Politician)
Episode #011 with Laxy L
(Dog Trainer, Mushroom Hunter, Makeup Artist)
Episode #010 with Caroline (Software Developer, Skier, Gamer, Activist)
Episode #009 with Devina Persaud (Digital Marketer, Improviser, Stair Climber, and more!)
Episode #008 with Billie Schultz (Cook, Podcaster, Teacher, and more!)
Episode #007 with Laur (Creator of the TransPeerNetwork, Backpacker, Photographer, Gamer)
Episode #006 with Jade Pichette (Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Professional — Program Manager at Pride at Work Canada)
Episode #005 with Victoria Hardin (Psychology Student, Animal Bone Artist, and Sport Shooter)
Episode #004 with Jimmy Ruffian (Musician, Podcaster, Activist)
Episode #003 with FlowerGenius (Disabled Sex Worker, Musician, Gamer, Activist)
Episode #002 with Malorie Cooper (Author, Model/Cosplayer, Woodworker, Parent)
Episode #001 with Gen Giggles (Podcaster, Poet, Parent, Entrepreneur)

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