I think this is a big reason why gender fluid/gender queer/non-binary people need to get a lot more visibility in the mainstream, because as it stands, it is next to impossible for most people to see a person with a beard and no breasts wearing say, a flowing gown, and not think “he” is crossdressing, or queer, or confused, or something else. It’s a lot more generally acceptable for women to dress “masculine” than the inverse (men dressing feminine), and I’ve seen people say this is because of the patriarchy and that “masculinity is considered the universal default, the ‘best’ possible option”, and that by extension, femininity is inferior, *especially* on men/males since they are supposed to be strong/superior according to the patriarchy. So the more representation we can get of gender non-conforming people in the mainstream and public eye, the more normalized it will become that clothes are just clothes and that anyone can wear a dress and anyone can wear camouflage cargo shorts (generally considered very masculine).

As I tried to emphasize in the end of the article, I wear what makes me feel good, and it just happens that that is most strongly associated with femininity/woman, and that most aspects of that “aesthetic” do resonate with and appeal to me. It’s a tricky place to be to recognize that gender is absolutely a construct, and yet to happily take part in a traditional, binarist performance of it (because that’s just what I personally like best).

perpetually curious, creatively inclined social introvert. ponder, write, repeat. she/her. www.artemiscreates.com

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