The Complete A To Z Of A Successful Mindset

A is for Accountability

Lacey Artemis
5 min readFeb 7, 2022

Get an accountability buddy, or get an agent or manager. Most of us honestly aren’t very good at truly disciplining ourselves in the necessary ways. Cheat days are okay, but not too often.

I’m someone who doesn’t need much encouraging to Do The Thing, but I still have my blind spots and weak spots. Accountability buddies help, especially when they actually stick with you.

B is for Bold Bravery

You have to hurt to grow. You have to be brave to do things that might hurt. Be brave, be bold. Try to regularly do things that scare you.

C is for Color

Be colorful, in personality, in thinking, in style. It will help you get noticed. It will let your originality and authenticity show more, and you’ll probably have more fun too.

D is for Decisive Direction

As they say, poop or get off the pot! If you’re indecisive, it’s best to have an ‘alternate gut friend’ (who can help you do a gut check if you’re not sure). Or your accountability person can give you a deadline and crack the whip.

Either way, at least pick a direction and go with it for a bit and see how it feels.

E is for Effect

Everything has an effect. You have an effect on others that you need to be both intentional and mindful of. If someone tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to tell them you didn’t.

Similarly others have an effect on you. Try to identify people who are serving you well, and distance yourself from those who aren’t. You want to be around people who make you feel good, but who also challenge you in healthy ways. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and just tearing you down.

F is for Finances

You need to be good with money. If you’re not (lots of people aren’t), find someone who is and get them to help you. This is critical or you could find yourself in perpetual (or growing) debt.

G is for Gratitude

We all get by with a little (or a lot) of help from our friends, (chosen) family, peers, and other. Remember to stop and show gratitude here and there. Take a moment to tell someone they touched you or inspired you. Call your parents and tell them you love them (assuming the relationship isn’t strained).

Get a journal or open the notes app on your phone and write down one thing you’re grateful for every day. Then review it at the end of the year. I promise you even the sourness of covid can’t overpower how good that will make you feel.

H is for Help

Ask for help when you need it (some bravery may be required). Going to therapy can be a BIG help.

And help others as you’re able. Whether it’s helping a gofundme, helping someone make a phone call, or just letting them vent to you. Every little bit helps.

I is for Introspection

When you’re so focused on what’s ahead constantly, you can forget to look inward. Make sure to check in with yourself. Make sure things are feeling okay (maybe identify if you need help).

J is for Justice

Or doing the right thing. You want to be able to sleep with a clear conscience right? Do your best, don’t step on anyone else to get ahead, and stand up for what you believe in.

K is for Kilimanjaro

Because in a sense, life is a mountain (and certainly entrepreneurship is). You can enjoy the journey on your way up, but you’re still climbing towards something.

Goals are important, whether big or small. They are what drive many of us. As the saying goes: ‘aim for the stars and you will at least land on the moon’. Aim for the summit and you’ll at least make it further than you started.

L is for Lemonade

You’ve got to be able to make lemonade out of at least some of your lemons.

M is for Mission

Do you have a clear vision? You know what you want to achieve? You’ll get a lot further with a clear mission in mind than not. You don’t have to have it all figured out right now, but you want to at least pick a firm direction and be heading that way.

N is for Negotiation

A lot of compromises will have to be made. Sometimes you’ll have to negotiate with others, sometimes with yourself. Again, accountability buddies and/or agents will really help!

O is for Opportunity

There is a quote: “success is where preparation meets opportunity”. Do your best to get ready and be open to what might come your way. Say yes a lot. Say no when it makes sense to or if it doesn’t jive with your values.

P is for Process, Perseverance, and Progress

Yes I’m breaking the pattern a little here, but these all matter.

You need to have a process, it will make you more efficient and clear of purpose.

You need to persevere because it’s not going to happen overnight. There will almost certainly be a lot of setbacks.

But if you stick at it, and refine your process, you will progress towards your goals.

Q is for Questions

Make sure you’re asking the right questions. And the right people. Do you have mentors? If not, get some. There are always people out there who want to see others succeed. If you’re genuine and passionate, they’ll want to cheer you.

But yes, ask good questions, ask often, and sometimes it’s even good to get a second opinion. Just try not to ask too many questions and get bogged down in the details.

R is for Rest

Because you are not a machine.

S is for Style and Substance

In the words of Woody from Toy Story: “We’re not flying, we’re falling with style!”

Sometimes you have to make mistakes look like they were on purpose. Fake it till you make it. You want to have style on the red carpet, and substance on stage.

T is for Trust

Trust yourself. Trust the people who’ve chosen to support you. Trust your passion and your ideas. And make sure you’ve got at least one person who will always tell you what you don’t want to hear.

U is for Underdog

Everyone loves an underdog. It’s a motivating position. We thrive on challenge, you don’t want it to be too easy.

W is for Wonder

Never lose your sense of wonder. If everything becomes all business all the time, you’re missing out. Could you still play laser tag? Lay under the stars and imagine other worlds? There’s plenty of wonder out there if you still know how to let it in.

V is for Vindication

Eventually your efforts will pay off. You’ll be vindicated. It’s a sweet moment. Worth working for. Worth fighting for.

X is for eXceptional

Well, I couldn’t put x-ray now could I?

As a wise person once said: ‘you are your company’s competitive advantage.’

So be exceptional!

Y is for YOLO

Because You Only Live Once!

Z is for Zinc

Take care of your health!

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