The Curiosity Guide Series Welcomes Its Newest Member!

The Curiosity Guide Series began in early 2015. It was an offshoot of a now-defunct blog I had at the time named “Curiosity Crossroads” (you can see how the series got it’s name).

Curiosity Crossroads was a mishmash of curated blog posts on a wide range of topics. Last in 2014 I put together a fairly long and extensive post about computer programming resources, and a friend suggested I should convert it into an ebook, so I did. The feedback (not just from that friend, but from other professional contacts) was good, and that inspired me to do another.

The thing was, my blog never really had a clear focus, it reflected the patterns of my brain — which is capable of hyperfocusing for shorter periods, but is usually a little all over the place.

It became evident that tackling larger topics or ideas in blog form wasn’t going to be ideal (I didn’t really want to do multi-part blogs), but ebooks offered a solution.

And so, off I went, picking a mixture of topics I knew more about and could summarize and distill, and other topics that I was somewhat curious about and could distill my research as I went.

The result, as you can see above, is a mixture of topics, some very much educational, some more for entertainment or light reading.

After spending about 2 straight years working on these guides, the cycle of constant research and writing got to me, and I took a year off to focus on a different creative outlet. But now I’ve come back, refreshed and ready to do the next few guides.

And with that, I present a new guide, and a new mini-guide:

This guide includes copious information, as well as recommendations for media.

But I also took about half the content of the full guide and released that separately:

This one focuses specifically on transgender and non-binary identities, but also features a lot of the same supplementary information as the main guide.

Download Guide to Pride
Download Trans & Non-Binary Mini Guide

These are great resources for schools, clinics, community centres, libraries, families, and more. For now you’re welcome (and encouraged) to download, print, and have them handy (actually reading them would be great too!).

The next book in the series is in progress and the one after that has been conceived of, so stay tuned for more curiosity fueled learning!

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