The Hockey, Wrestling, Heavy Metal Nerdery Triad

Ice Hockey and Heavy Metal are special interests of mine. Wrestling isn’t necessarily, but it is

This was the first design idea that I had. I challenged myself to try to match specific subgenres of heavy metal to specific wrestlers, based on various factors. It was more challenging since I haven’t really followed wrestling since the early 2000s, and I mostly followed the WWE and not really its competitors.

Nevertheless, above is what I came up with.

Death Metal — Goldberg
Progressive Death Metal — Triple H
Hardcore — Rhyno
Grindcore — Ken Shamrock
Deathcore — Tazz
Thrash Metal — The Road Warriors
Doom Metal — Viscera (slow, dark, heavy)
Funeral Doom — The Undertaker
Sludge Metal — Kane (his theme song basically is sludge metal)
Horror Metal — The Fiend (OK, not really a genre, but I took some creative license)
Industrial Metal — The Brood
Post Metal — Mankind
Goth Metal — Goldust
Black Metal — Willow the wisp
Nu Metal — Degeneration X
Prog Metal — Bret Hart (he was the “excellence of execution” after all)
Rap Metal — John Cena
Djent — The Hardy Boyz
Glam Metal — Ric Flair (or alternatively Chris Jericho)
Power Metal — The Ultimate Warrior
Pop Metal — The Dudley Boyz (or alternatively, The Rock)
Classic Metal — Hulk Hogan
Southern Metal — Stone Cold Steve Austin
Jazz Fusion Metal — Rob Van Dam

Fellow metalheads and wrestling fans, what do you think? What would you change or who would you substitute?

This was my next version, and the two parts of the triad that I am most personally familiar with.

I kept most of the same genre names with a few substitutions.

Death Metal — Calgary Flames
Progressive Death Metal — New Jersey Devils
Hardcore — Boston Bruins
Grindcore — Columbus Blue Jackets
Swedish Metalcore — Vancouver Canucks
Thrash Metal — Philadelphia Flyers
Doom Metal — Buffalo Sabres (‘cuz that franchise has been DOOMED)
Funeral Doom — Ottawa Senators (’cuz that franchise is DEAD until Melnick goes)
Sludge Metal —San Jose Sharks (though I might do Seattle Kraken now that they have an official name)
Stoner Metal — Colorado Avalanche/Arizona Coyotes. Y’know, because weed and… meth.
Industrial Metal — Pittsburgh Penguins/Detroit Red Wings (steel town and motor city respectively)
Post Metal — Minnesota Wild (look, they had to be something, and the details in their logo speak to me like the details in most post metal music)
Goth Metal — Los Angeles Kings (purely because of their colour scheme)
Country Metal — St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators
Folk Metal — Winnipeg Jets
Nu Metal — Anaheim Ducks
Prog Metal — Toronto Maple Leafs (though honestly they’re more like regressive at this point… but they had seemed to be progressing)
Rap Metal — Florida Panthers (a lot of rap comes out of Florida from what I understand)
Djent — Edmonton Oilers (okay, basically just Connor McDavid)
Glam Metal — New York Rangers/Vegas Golden Knights
Power Metal — Tampa Bay Lightning (power because lightning, ok?)
Pop Metal — Carolina Hurricanes (storm surge, need I say more?)
Classic Metal — Montreal Canadiens
Groove Metal — Washington Capitals/New York Islanders

And lastly, mixing wrestling and hockey. This one was pretty easy with a few exceptions.

Vancouver —Val Venis (yes, just because of the V)
Edmonton — Owen Hart
Calgary — Bret Hart (because he was involved with the Calgary Hitmen)
Winnipeg — Trish Stratus (because jets fly in/near the stratosphere)
Toronto — Edge
Ottawa — Sylvain Grenier
Montreal — Andre the Giant
Seattle — The Kraken (apparently this was a very short lived character somewhere)
San Jose — Triple H (because his name is Hunter and sharks are hunters of the sea)
Anaheim — Goldust
Los Angeles — Jerry “The King” Lawler obviously
Vegas — The Godfather
Arizona — Degeneration X
Dallas — Stone Cold Steve Austin
Colorado — The Hardy Boyz
Minnesota — Hulk Hogan (whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs WILD on you, brother!)
St. Louis — Jeff Jarrett
Nashville — Honky Tonk Man
Chicago — Tatanka
Detroit — John Cena (because white rapper)
Columbus — Arn Anderson
Buffalo — Roman Reigns
Philadelphia — Sycho Sid
Pittsburgh — Diesel
Washington — Kurt Angle
Boston — Tazz
New York City — Chris Jericho
NY/Long Island — The Brooklyn Brawler (because the Isles actually have played in Brooklyn, ok?)
New Jersey — Kane
Carolina — Hurricane Helms
Tampa Bay — The Rock (“the most electrifying…”)
Florida — The Kat

And there you have it, my latest creative passion project done just for the fun of it. You can leave a comment on this article if you agree or disagree, but try not to take it too seriously!